Last weekend, I attended AI Frontiers Conference at Santa Clara. It was a great learning experience to listen to top minds speaking about the impact of AI technologies in the contemporary world. The conference drew several great speakers from the venerable institutes such as Stanford, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and a host of  innovative startups. A wide range of topics was discussed including personal assistants, robotics, breakthroughs in  deep learning, video analysis, games, autonomous driving. With some many great speakers around, it is really difficult to a few key lessons. Having said that, following messages are carry forward.

Andrew Ng (Woebot)


  • Structured (labelled) data still rule. People are looking for a breakthrough unsupervised learning algorithm.
  • Key AI technologies are deep learning (growing exponentially), knowledge representation, planning, and graphical method
  • Deep learning can help automate things.
  • Three stages
    • Speech recognition: Alexa, Siri (We have already moved past that wave)
    • Computer vision [] (We are currently undergoing this trend).
    • Next big thing: NLP
  • What is an internet company?
    • A/B Testing
    • Short decision cycle
    • Decision-making decentralized
  • What is an AI company?
    • Strategic data acquisition
    • Unified data warehousing
  • Instead of wire-framing, the PM should write PRD, which will include metrics and deliverables.


Ruhi Sarikaya (Amazon)

For any UI/ UX, it is important to remove three major frictions.

Friction # 1: App discovery

Friction # 2: Limited cognitive bandwidth to learn how an app works

Friction # 3: Information flow in small form factors

Constraints: YOUR DAILY TIME BUDGET is 1000 min/ day